About Domestic Abuse



“Domestic abuse is a disease passed person to person and from parent to child. Victims and abusers alike are not often aware of that they carry this disease or how to cure themselves.”


Jonathan Kraut



How common is Domestic Abuse


Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner abuse is defined as:


A childish, selfish pattern of behavior where personal and emotional satisfaction is acquired by an abuser as a result of harming, manipulating, or tormenting a partner or a family member.



“On average, a person in the U.S. is abused every 9 seconds”



DV affects about one third of all adults during their lifetime



An abuser typically receives satisfaction from demeaning, belittling, insulting, controlling, punishing, or manipulating his or her partner


Typically, abusers blame anything gone wrong (even if imaginary) on the partner and makes the partner responsible for how they feel


domestic violence scene

Victims blame themselves for how their partners feel and take responsibility for making their partners happy (which is never achieved)


Sad woman crying

Abusers falsely accuse the victim of wrongdoing


Woman victim of domestic violence and abuse

Victims cover up abuse by their partner



The 24 Hour U.S. National Hotline is:

(800) 799-7233